Nexus Talent Solutions works nationally, providing high calibre strategically focused professionals with verifiable career accolades and experience that is transferable into various sectors.

Please see below the services available from Nexus Talent Solutions and how we can help support your career aspirations and transformation needs.

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Executive Search

Nexus Talent Solutions prides itself on the bespoke executive search services that it offers to clients.

  • Cultural Fit – Nexus consultants take time to truly understand the culture that the client is looking to adopt or enhance within the workplace. We achieve this through personalised communications to each client and taking the time to understand the business, its people, the strategy and key drivers.  We visit the workplace to allow consultants to immerse themselves into the culture.

  • Bespoke Interviews – Nexus use the latest technology to video interview all our candidates, adopting a bio-graphical and competency-based filtering system allowing us to check for tangible evidence of candidate’s achievements, understand their continuity of employment whilst determining their skill set, experience and suitability for the position.

  • Benchmarking existing and potential employees and workforce profiling – Nexus Talent Solutions ensures that employee’s work is at a standard that a company sees fit for the organisation.

  • Job profiling – Our consultants spend time researching what each job role entails and what the expectations and objectives are for each organisation, ensuring skilled people are placed in roles to match their skillset.

  • Personality profiling – Nexus use a number of recognised profiling tools, our aim is to provide an evaluation of a potential employee’s personal attributes, values and life skills in an effort to maximise cultural fit, job performance and contribution to the company.

  • Bespoke interview scripts and aptitude testing facilitation – Instigating, designing and implementing bespoke interview scripts to guarantee the right questions are being asked for each individual.

  • Expert Mentoring – Bespoke coaching and feedback from our insightful consultants on competency-based interviewing.

  • Aptitude Testing – A systematic means of testing prospective candidates abilities to perform a specific test and react to a range of different situations. 

“Don’t worry about being successful but work toward being significant and the success will naturally follow.”

Oprah Winfrey

Executive Experience

  • Interview preparation – Thorough interview preparation is essential to a successful interview. We ensure that our executive candidates are prepped for every individual interview, tailoring research guidance and feedback throughout the whole process.

  • Interview debrief – Offering valuable and insightful feedback from interviews to allow for successful personal and career growth.

  • Interview and career coaching – Through interview roleplay and aptitude testing, Nexus consultants will coach executives to help them land their ideal roles within the industry. Our knowledgeable consultants offer useful insight and career advice during all stages of consultancy.

  • Identification of best cultural fit – We know our clients inside out, so we are confident we can place you in a role that fits your personality and work ethic by matching you to an organisation with a great cultural fit.

  • Identification of key career drivers – We identify and understand the key career drivers of each individual, and match them to roles to suit their own career goals.


“Try not to become a man of success. Rather become a man of value.”

Albert Einstein

Other Services

  • CV Writing – We can offer advice and recommendation on CV writers for professional CV writing.

  • Career coaching recommendations – We can also recommend ongoing career coaches and mentors.


Sectors we operate within

Nexus Talent Solutions is a specialist Executive Consultancy for professionals within the Facilities Management, M&E, Construction, Manufacturing, and Business Services industries.